Floods in Thailand threatens Bangkok – The floods in Thailand, which were caused by the heavy monsoon rains in recent weeks, already took the lives of 17 people and is going to flood even more parts of the country.

Floods-Thailand-BangkokThe center of the drama is Chao Phraya River (historically: Mae Nam), originating in northern Thailand, where due to the storm water levels went up to new heights and already flooded 29 of the 77 Thai provinces.

Since Chao Phraya has a great river system which also leads to the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, the metropolian area is in great fear to be overtaken by the floods and thus was declared on alert status.

An official travel warning from the Foreign Offices isn`t yet known at this time, but especially last minute bookers with the travel-destination Thailand, here Bangkok and the northern regions, should trace the development of the next days for now.

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