Afghanistan: 19 victims after Taliban attack in Kabul – Wednesday, the 29th of June. NATO helicopters fired rockets on armed Taliban bandits, who had stormed and occupied an Afghan luxury hotel in Kabul.

Kabul-Taliban-attackThe balance of the attack shows a death toll of 19 people so far – among them also employees of the hotel as well as all eight members of the Taliban.

After nearly 5 hours of fighting, two NATO helicopters opened the fire around 3 o’clock local time on the roof of the 5 star hotel, where the terrorists set position.

The attack against the Intercontinental hotel was one of the largest and most complex within the city of Kabul for the past years.

The intention of this recent Taliban move is assumed that the rebels want to show capability of taking actions even in the center of military presence – just at a time, when US-officials speak about decent progress in the nearly 10-year old war.

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