Philippines News: Flood and tropical storm “Nock Ten” – After the heavy tropical storm “Nock Ten” hit the Philippines this week, the number of victims rose to over 50 by today.

Philippines-tropical-stormRescuers and aides, who still try to penetrate into the areas blocked by the floods and landslides, confirmed these data to the government yesterday.

From official side it was also reported that 25 people are still considered as missed. The “Nock Ten” storm had caused strong rains during the week, which in particular hit the eastern Bicol region. A Tsunami warning wasn´t declared, despite of occuring danger and heavy tempests.

The damage to the infrastructure and agriculture of the Philippines reached an estimate of more than 30 million US Dollars yet. Auxiliary workers and rescuers are still busy to supply food, medicines and clothes to more than 700,000 people, which had to leave their domicile during the storm.

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