Protesters demonstrate outside the Chinese Foreign Ministry in Hong Kong October 8, 2010 demanding the release of jailed Chinese pro-democracy activist Liu Xiaobo. Liu won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for decades of non-violent struggle for human rights, an award that Beijing had anticipated and bitterly criticized. Chinese characters on the placard reads Congratulate Liu Xiaobo winning Nobel Peace Prize and Respect the spirit of Nobel Peace Prize. Release Liu Xiaobo and all dissidents .  REUTERS/Bobby Yip  (CHINA - Tags: POLITICS IMAGES OF THE DAY)Human rights activist Liu Xiaobo wins Nobel Peace Prize 2010 – Civil rights activist Liu Xiaobo is the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 2010 – a decision which was noticed with lots of discomfort by the Chinese government.

Liu Xiaobo is already in prison since 10 months and further sentenced to 11 years for „undermining the state power“. According to official statements of the Nobel Prize committee, Xiaobo received this honour in recognition of his long and nonviolent struggle for human rights in China.

The award of the 54-year-old seems to be an affront for the leadership in Beijing, since Liu Xiaobo is regarded as a „criminal“. Further, the chinese government accuses the committee of the Nobel Prize to break with its own principles.

And this statement doesn’t come by accident, since China experts now predict a significant boost for the currently stalled democracy movement in China.

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