Terrorism: Secret services prevented attacks on Europe – According to corresponding reports, terrorist attacks planned on several major cities of Europe have been thwarted by western secret organizations.

ZERAK, AFGHANISTAN - JANUARY 23: A man is searched for weapons by a member of the Afghan National Police (ANP) January 23, 2010 in Zerak, Afghanistan. Zerak, located in Paktika Province, which is roughly the size of Vermont, shares a restive and porous 600 kilometer border with Pakistan. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)On the basis of a report of the TV channel Sky News, a terror organization in Pakistan is supposed to be responsible for the latest terror threat, which aimed for metropolitan areas in France, Great Britain and Germany.

A German terror suspect detained by U.S. intelligence confessed that the extent of those attacks was considered to be similar to those on 9/11.

And thus several targets were planned to be attacked at the same time.

However, according to official statements, an immediate threat existed at no time, since a detailed preparation of the attacks wasn`t in an advanced stage yet.

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