A policeman is reflected on a police truck during a patrol in a neighborhood of Ciudad Juarez June 9, 2010. Hitmen working for murderous drug gangs are turning Mexico, a top U.S. oil supplier and trade partner and a prominent emerging market economy that has scored points for political stability, into a conflict zone that is alarming Washington, tourists and foreign investors. Picture taken June 9, 2010. To match Feature MEXICO-DRUGS/HITMAN REUTERS/Alejandro Bringas (MEXICO - Tags: CRIME LAW CIVIL UNREST IMAGES OF THE DAY)Car bomb kills three people in Mexico – A car bomb in Juarez, Mexico, which took the lives of three people, was described as „Hezbollah-like“ by competent investigators.

The attack, which happened on July 15th, also still injured several people, including many federal agents and a news photographer who works for the local NBC station.

The mayor of Juarez, Jose Reyes informed the media that a man dressed as a police officer allured the federal officials to the parked car.

The bomb, which was installed in a Ford Focus, claimed the lives of two federal agents and a paramedic.

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