Jul 02, 2010 - Rotterdam, Netherlands - CYCLING 2010 - Franck SCHLECK (LUX) SAXO BANK - on a reconnaissance ride of the Rotterdam route during preparations for the Tour de France.Tour de France 07/04/2010: 1 Section Rotterdam – Brussels – After yesterday’s prologue, the Tour de France 2010 actually starts today with its first serious competition, when the first stage on a total distance of 223.5 kilometers between Rotterdam and Brussels will take place.

The stage, which though is extremely flat but still very windy, saw many expert warning drivers of a mass fall, which as a conclusion will see the the group of favorites at this year’s Tour de France probably cycle protected by their team riders.

Moreover, at least three intermediate sprints are on the agenda, which will award the first points for the battle for the green jersey.

TV broadcast is delivered live by Eurosport, but many stations all around the globe will feature the Tour de France 2010 with a live broadcast as well.

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