Oil spills in Hurghada: Red Sea beaches cleaned – The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico seems not to be the only environmental disaster of its kind these days, since an oil producing platform neat the Egyptian resort Hurghada polluted the waters of the Red Sea during the past week.

And the extent of the damage first sounded very threatening, when several thousand barrels of spilled oil were estimated as well as a 20 kilometer long oil slick on the beaches in the region of Hurghada were reported.

However, according to latest reports, the spill site is now secured and the affected beaches are almost 100% cleaned today – even if there is still a small amount of oil lumps washed up on the coast of the popular destination.

Concerning the meaning for local tourism, the Egyptian government tried to conceal the incident in the beginning, and the local Environmental Protection Agency had to serve as a single, reliable source of information for a couple of days – from the point of view of many angry tourists certainly a questionable crisis management.

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