Thai soldiers direct traffic at site of recent clashes between anti-government red shirt protesters and Thai troops in central Bangkok

Thailand: situation normalizes, nevertheless curfew extended – In Thailand, the situation is according to the government again normalized. The heavy after the riots imposed curfew in the capital Bangkok and several provinces will be extended.

The nighttime curfew for Bangkok and several provinces, also on Sunday and Monday, said Prime Minister Abhisit on Sunday. Four days after the violent end of the street fighting in Bangkok, the Prime Minister spoke of a normalization of the situation.

Everything is calm and return to normality ‚back, Abhisit said, in his weekly address to the nation on television. On Monday is expected with normal traffic. Schools and authorities should re-open.

Since mid-March, the opposition called redshirts had bitterly protested against the government and demanded new elections. In Bangkok, they were occupied for weeks on a business district, the army stormed the Thai finally on Wednesday.

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