Facebook: Barack Obama wants to regain young voters – Having about 18 million friends on his Facebook fanpage, US-president Barack Obama may try to take advantage of the impact of social media again for his upcoming re-election in 2012.

LAS VEGAS - JULY 09: U.S. President Barack Obama delivers a speech about the economy at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas July 9, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The state has the nation's highest unemployment rate at 14 percent, as well as one of the highest home foreclosure rates. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)Therefore, a special Town Hall meeting at the Facebook headquarter was installed, where Obama had a meet and greet with several young voters as well as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

After a friendly and euphoric reception and kind words of Zuckerberg, one thing was ovious right away:

Many young Americans are still disappointed by President Barack Obama, who promised greater transparency and more influence on Washington politics in his last campaign.

Not beeing confronted by hard questions, Obama was still well aware of the influence of young voters for his re-election.

„We have already achieved a lot“ Obama announced almost imploringly. „The economy is recovering, health reform is coming – and we continue to invest in clean energy“.

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