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NBA: Jesse Jackson defends LeBron James’‎ move to Miami | GNP Online
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NBA: Jesse Jackson defends LeBron James’‎ move to Miami

A Miami Heat fan celebrates outside the Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich, Connecticut July 8, 2010. NBA basketball star free agent Lebron James made the announcement that he will sign with the Heat on a live television broadcast from the site. REUTERS/Mike Segar  (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASKETBALL)NBA: Jesse Jackson defends LeBron James’‎ move to Miami – U.S. civil rights activist Jesse Jackson has attacked owner Dan Gilbert of the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers and accused him of having the mentality of a “slave owner”. Gilbert had called the NBA-Superstar a “coward” after the disclosure of James‘ move to Miami.

“Dan Gilbert has behaved as if LeBron was his property,” said Jesse Jackson: “He considered LeBron a runaway slave and has completely overlooked the fact that it was a completely normal relationship between two equal partners. Le Bron fulfilled his contract before he left, to which he was perfectly entitled.”

According to Jackson, Gilbert’s irreverent remarks were an attack against all NBA players: “The league and the players association should immediately address this issue, to prevent such a thing from happening again.”

LeBron James, who had played for the Cleveland Cavaliers since 2003, became a so-called free agent when he reached the end of his contract on July 1st. Surprisingly, James did not resign to play in Cleveland, his hometown. Instead he announced a move to Miami, where he will play alongside Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to build one of the strongest teams in the NBA next season.

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