The „Nokia World 2011“ was a brilliant event for Nokia regarding medial attention, which the company missed so desperately during the past months.

Nokia-Lumia-800The Nokia Lumia 800 was one of the reasons who brought Nokia back into the spotlight.

The new Lumia 800 reminds very strongly of the MeeGo Smartphone Nokia N9.

It possesses a 512 MT main memory. Also, it convinces with its 8-Megapix-Camera of Carl Zeiss with autofocus and dual LED lightning.

The accumulator can play up to 59 hours music or stay 380 hours in the call readiness mode. First tests of the Lumia 800 from expert side thus were quite positively.

If you want to have further information about the decent specs of the Nokia Lumia 800, the following video is strongly recommended.

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