Google Doodle 07/15/2010: A Tribute to Josef Frank’s 125th Birthday – The Google Doodle of today`s Thursday, the 15th July 2010 is devoted to the Swedish-Austrian architect Josef Franz who would turn 125 today.

Frank, also a designer for creative furnishings was born on the 15th July in 1885 near Vienna, where he later studied architecture and worked as a teacher at the School of Applied Arts of Vienna.

Shortly before the beginning of World War 2 in 1933, Josef Frank emigrated to Sweden. Efforts by the Austrians, to reimigrate the famous architect at the end of the war in 1945, were unsuccessful. Josef Frank remained in Sweden until his death in 1967 in Stockholm.

Today’s Google Doodle now adapts to the works of the creative artist in a particularly striking way, since it shows exactly the elaborate flourishes and extravagances of the many creations made by Josef Frank.

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Pic: (c) Shazz Mack, Google

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