Miley Cyrus: family plans own reality TV-show – Miley Cyrus herself has just celebrated the completion of her TV show „Hannah Montana“ with a big party, when new rumours about her family came up in the media.

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While the young singer will concentrate on her career as a movie actress in the near future, her father Billy Ray and her brother Trace Cyrus plan to create a reality TV show and are negotiating options with several television stations.

Although Miley’s family is quite large and all are employed in the music business, the reality show is supposed to include Billy Ray`s and her daily life. But Miley Cyrus has even now enough to take care of – as the 17-year-old just has released the first single from her new album.

In „Can not Be Tamed“ she appears sexy and seductive as a bird in a cage. The video of the song caused a lot of attention because of the tight outfits of the singer. So above all, many parents of Miley-fans haven`t been too happy, especially since Miley is not even of legal age.

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